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March 3, 2015
© Douglas C. Towne

Check Out These Nifty Links . . . .

Links to other sites specializing in motels, neon, or both.

Frixo is a road travel reporting site that provides our users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. Our data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A/B roads.

Cross Country Road Trip Routes
This infographic on cross-country road trip routes makes it easy to pick between routes based on season, sightseeing, activities, and distance. Thanks for the tip Lindsay!

Books by Brian Butko: Fun Stuff Taken Seriously
Books about Roadside Giants, Diners, the Lincoln Highway, and Isaly's Klondike ice cream bar.

Roadside Architecture
This one-stop shop for roadside photography contains over 50,000 images organized by both theme and location. If you want to read about the travel adventures involved in accumulating such an archive, be sure and read DJ's blog or her extensive Flickr site.

San Francisco Mosaic
Mention broken glass and tile fragments and many will instinctively wince visualizing the shattered tubes on a vintage neon sign or the degenerating tile on a long abandoned diner. These perceptions are likely to change for those who investigate Lillian Sizemore's impressive new mosaic Web site.

American Road
The magazine that celebrates our two-lane highways of yesteryear and the joys of driving them today! Published by Mock Turtle Press.

Society for Commercial Archaeology
This is the organization that brings all the roadside afficianados together with quality journals, newsletters, and conferences. Highly recommended!

Exit Here
Not content with merely documenting classic neon signs, the Knowles delve into many subcategories of Americana including lighthouses, cemeteries, and the CCC. Obviously this couple would make for fascinating conversation and they're welcome at my dinner table anytime.

Kerry Grombacher
The perfect music to listen to under Western skies while scanning the roadside for a vacancy at a Sands Motel. Check out his website for an impressive collection of Sands Motel photos as well as looking when he'll be performing in your hamlet.

Dave Newman Studio
Did a great piece of Americana art catch your eye the other night as you were watching a Seinfeld rerun? If so, chances are good it was created by Dave Newman of Prescott, Arizona. This is great stuff -- and I should know because I own several pieces.

Postcards From the Road
Well worth a visit for the "then and now" motel photos and the articulate writing about how the magic of these roadside lodges were imprinted during childhood family vacations.

Place Matters
America would be a much better place if every community had an organization such as this in NYC dedicated to preserving our past.

Museum of Neon Art
Where else can you board a double-decker bus for a neon tour of Los Angeles?

The Austin Motel
Undoubtedly the hip place to stay when you're in the Texas capital, the Austin Motel was erected in 1938 but actually dates from the late 1800s when it served as a roadhouse and stable. The motel's art deco, crimson neon sign, which is featured on the "Motels of the Southwest" poster, is also notable for regularly winning the "Best Austin Phallic Image" award.

Roadside Peek
Feeling franchised out? A whirl through this website will bring a panoply of classic signs from just about every commercial sector, including often overlooked enterprises such as retail outlets and bowling alleys.

Roadside Art Online
Museums? We don't need any stinking museums with someone like Bill roaming the countryside and his web site available for all to see. Highly recommended.

National Historic Route 66 Federation
Postcards, photos and information concerning the "Mother Road" make this a fascinating website. As a bonus, you can join the Route 66 Foundation and support preservation efforts along this stretch of highway.